Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The Creepiest Thing 

Death preoccupies you. You wonder what would happen if you stepped in front of a moving automobile on your way to class and shook your wheel right while driving.


Stalker. You could spend hours browsing Instagram and TikTok. If your crush (or ex) is in a photo with someone gorgeous, you'll find their page and browse their goods.


 Stories can be made up and believed. For amusement, you lie. to test your luck. .


Obsessive. Dating someone is everything. You would hack up your adulterous partner and feel no remorse.


Sometimes you imagine your funeral. Imagine who arrives first. Who would grieve the most? A sick dream that makes you feel significant.


During the day, you're an innocent little angel, but at night, you fantasise about love. You wish you weren't attracted to.


Your Youtube, Wiki, and Netflix history is scary. You've seen some disturbing stuff. Your computer might be mistaken for a serial killer if the government acquires it.


Randomly, toxic thoughts arise. When holding a baby animal, you worry about crushing it. When you pass a lovely woman, you imagine pushing her into the street.


Without crying, you could tell someone their grandmother died. You don't always feel feelings properly. Sometimes you're numb.


It's not that you want to injure them. It's mental. You try to find out how to get away with each of their killings to prove how smart you are.


You've contemplated what you'd say at your parents' or best friend's funeral. They're fine. Nonetheless, crafting an emotive eulogy is artistic.


Daydreaming about what might happen if someone damaged your loved ones is terrifying. You're the hero in your dreams. Defeats the villain and saves the day.


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