The cutest dog breeds, ranked

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Australian shepherd

These are worker dogs, also referred to as Australians, and are excellent at herding. They can also serve as guide dogs and in search and rescue operations.

French bulldog

In recent years, the French bulldog has risen to the top of the list of preferred dog breeds. These are the canine ancestors of the Greek canines.


The little hound was primarily bred for hunting. Snoopy, the dog owned by Charlie Brown, is a well-known beagle.

Pembroke Welsh corgi

Queen Elizabeth II had a strong preference for the breed of dogs used to herd cattle. These are highly intelligent dogs who are also extremely friendly.

Golden retriever

This breed's name indicates that it was developed as a hunting dog. They are frequently employed as dogs for people with disabilities.


This hound breed, also referred to as a sausage dog, was initially created as a hunter. They can be challenging to train as dogs.

Siberian husky

This working dog breed stands out for looking wolf-like. They were transported to Alaska to be trained as sled dogs after being brought from Asia.

Bernese mountain dog

Almost two thousand years ago, the Romans imported this exceptionally large breed of working dog to Switzerland.

Labrador retriever

The labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in North America and is frequently employed to help people with disabilities. They may also serve as working or hunting dogs.

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