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The Engagement Ring Based 

In both life and love, Aries are vivacious and focused.

Aries: Marquise-Cut Ring

Taurus people are fierce romantically.

Taurus: Cathedral Ring

Geminis, the exuberant social butterflies of the zodiac, don't have a particular "type" they're drawn to as long as the other person is funny and enjoys themselves.

Gemini: Swirl Ring

Emotional Cancers are extremely selective about who they open their hearts to.

Cancer: Vintage Ring

Leo is referred to as the zodiac sign that loves to party. Nothing makes you happier than attracting attention.

Leo: Princess-Cut Ring

Even though Virgos are often cautious in relationships, you have a soft place for romance while being a serious perfectionist.

Virgo: Three-Stone Ring

Given that Libra is the sign of lovers, it is safe to assume that you have great hopes for your proposal.

Libra: Pavé-Cut Ring

Scorpios are known to be distant and private, yet despite this, you have a lot of passion that is just waiting to be shared with the right person.

Scorpio: Eternity Band

The adventurous and fiery sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: Flush Setting Ring

Capricorns organise everything, including dating nights and job aspirations.

Capricorn: Solitaire Ring

Because Aquarians value individuality and uniqueness, you can be extremely picky about who you date.

Aquarius: Chocolate Diamond Ring

You can't help but be a little bit of a hopeless romantic because you're so artistic, dreamy, and in touch with your emotions.

Pisces: Halo-Cut Ring

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