The Lesson Each Zodiac Will Learn This April

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Aries, April will provide you more chances to express yourself, but it will also bring more criticism. Keep your principles. Listen, but think critically. Just your self-criticism matters.


Gemini, nobody can tell you how to live or what you "should" want. April offers difficult decisions. Some choices will lead to safety, while others will give you the freedom you want. 


Cancer, you work so hard—why do you keep your triumphs a secret, only letting your loved ones applaud you? Your own endeavors will be productive this month, so shout about them.


Leo, you've always struggled with relationships. Intimacy, exposing parts of yourself you rarely reveal to yourself, and settling down—exciting to think about but impossible to do—are issues.


April will test your faith, Virgo. You must defend or discard your convictions when tested. I won't tell you what to do, but don't be mute when you disagree with others. 


Libra, you've always been polite. You're honest when needed. Even then, you knew letting go would have consequences. April will force you to be unkind if you want to keep your honor. 


Scorpio, your past haunts you until you reach closure. Ghosts will return this April. Instead of ignoring them, confront them. Do you want to run forever? If sincere, forgiveness is possible.


Sagittarius, good news. You've been working hard professionally, and it's going to pay off. Honor your success in April. You may not throw yourself a party.


Capricorn, quit hindering yourself. April offers personal growth opportunities. Possibilities you'll probably tell yourself aren't right for you or you're not qualified for. 


Aquarius, are your relationships valued? Your closest friends will reveal themselves in April. Consider how they handle conflict and whether they're right for you.


Knowing a Capricorn means you are aware of their passion for success and competitive nature.


Pisces, stop thinking. April will offer even more chances to overthink. To be happy, stop worrying and live in the moment. Want happiness? Be useful instead of overanalyzing the same situation. 


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