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The Meanest Zodiac Sign

Aquarius may seem cruel because they make rational conclusions. They're chilly because they don't sympathize. They know what others need, but they don't always know how to say it.

6 Aquarius

Despite their kindness, Leos can be harsh if provoked. " Hurt a Leo's ego or family, and they'll lash out.

5 Leo

They are overprotective of themselves and others. If they feel threatened, they'll lash out since they don't appreciate criticism.

"Virgos never mention what's hurting them, maintaining true to their passive aggressive character, they'll create an atmosphere of negativity,".

4 Virgo

Due to their unrealistic pursuit of perfection, they notice flaws in everything. Think fussy, judgmental, and unnecessary.

Capricorn wants success in everything. They're cruel from the start since they'll push people aside to get ahead." They inspire well yet can be pushy. 

3 Capricorn

Aries is blunt and won't spare your feelings. They force control because they don't know how to let go.They're aggressive and competitive. Mars, the planet of strife, rules them.

2 Aries

They always mean to damage others. Reasons make them the meanest zodiac sign. Scorpios are violent like Aries, but they will sit with their wrath and figure out how to use it against you.

1 Scorpio

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