The Most Disrespectful Zodiac Sign

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Leo egos. They're sun-ruled, so they assume the universe revolves around them. Yet, acting like they're the only ones can cause problems.

6 Leo

Capricorns are hard workers and ambitious. Cardinals are natural leaders and more ambitious than others. But, if things go wrong, they may become dominating and unpleasant.

5 Capricorn

Passionate Aries likes to lead. "These rams get bored rapidly and are prone to butt heads," Bennet explains. They'll interrupt a boring speaker.

4 Aries

They like what they like, and no one can change their opinion. Luxury lovers are self-indulgent and appreciate finer things. 


" They may be selfish or disrespectful if they put their own wants above others'.

They frequently shift interests and attitudes, making others feel unreliable. Mercury—the planet of communication and mental agility—rules Gemini.


Geminis are clever, quick-witted, and wonderful conversationalists, but they may also be too talkative, combative, or snarky.

Sagittarius always gets their way. This makes them bold and disrespectful. Their incessant thirst for new experiences and movement might be off-putting.

1 Sagittarius

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