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The Most Erratic Zodiac Sign

With a million thoughts in their head at once, it's hard for Geminis to slow down. They're always looking for what's next, so tying them down for commitments is a real struggle. 

6 Gemini

They have a tendency to move quickly, which some people don't enjoy, so "Their impulsive, borderline reckless behaviour may have an effect on their relationships.

The spontaneous Sagittarius like to make their own path and dislikes being told what to do 

5 Sagittarius

"They detest feeling constrained, therefore they're always looking for new experiences that will enable them to live life to the fullest.

Asking a Libra for advice on making decisions is not advisable. They alternate between different plans while continually considering advantages and disadvantages.

4 Libra

 They'll likely end up going with the flow and doing whatever makes others happy, but it's best to not put them in charge of choosing things.

Scorpios are the best at turning the switch. Their emotions can be unpredictable because Mars, the planet of strife, rules them.

3 Scorpio

They feel things so strongly since they are a water sign. It can be challenging for them to maintain control over their behaviour when these intense feelings take over.

The moon rules these deeply emotional people, which only serves to maintain their chaotic conduct.

2 Cancer

the moon transits the zodiac more quickly than any other planet in astrology, spending just 2.5 days in each sign before moving on to the next.

Aries is known for being highly passionate and impetuous, and they don't want to let life pass them by.

1 Aries

They act independently and dislike considering other people's opinions. The most unpredictable zodiac sign is without a doubt these vibrant people.

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