The Most High-Strung Zodiac Sign

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Libra loves peace and harmony, thus they shouldn't be too tense. Their quest for balance might cause overthinking and indecision.

6 Libra

Sagittarius is high-strung, but not in the way you expect. "They thrive when they live on the edge, and they're in a permanent state of excitement,"

5 Sagittarius

Aries, the first sign, represents new beginnings. "They're not afraid to take risks and try new things, which can be exhilarating—but also nerve-wracking," 

4 Aries

Capricorns reach the top of the success ladder early, but it's stressful. Saturn, a serious planet, rules these earth signs. Capricorns are self-critical and have trouble letting go.

3 Capricorn

Scorpio will do anything to get their aim. They'll desire to excel. Bennet calls them obsessive—they won't stop until everything is done, whether personal or professional.

2 Scorpio

Virgo can snap at any moment. They're the most nervous zodiac sign because Mercury rules communication and nervous energy. Bennet says they can barely relax.

1 Virgo

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