The Most Insensitive Zodiac Sign

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Taurus, the most practical and grounded sign, is trustworthy. This earth sign is tenacious and will do things their way, even if it makes others uncomfortable.

6 Taurus

They're continuously learning and thinking big. Fire signs want independence "so they may make some choices that put their needs ahead of others."

5 Sagittarius

Aries is impetuous, impatient, and quick-tempered. They speak things without thinking and don't care whether they harm you.

4 Aries


Charming Leos are confident. They make friends easily and attract people. They're also known for insensitivity.

3 Leo

Geminis seem insensitive since they don't feel things as deeply. "They're in their heads, always busy, and buzzing with nervous energy,"

2 Gemini

Distracted by feelings, Capricorns can't succeed. Because Saturn rules structure and duty, they're overly serious and goal-oriented. 

1 Capricorn

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