The Most Lovesick Zodiac Sign

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Taurus is ruled by none other than Venus, which is the planet of love.

6 Taurus

 They are loyal people (sometimes to a fault) and will stay in relationships longer than they should because they crave that type of interaction.

Scorpio would be the type of person who could live independently. Scorpio's lips are sealed and their emotions are kept behind closed doors until they absolutely trust you. 

5 Scorpio

Scorpios take time to fall deeply in love, but once they do, nothing else matters. These water signs experience strong emotions and strong, often uncontrollable sentiments.

Leos are passionately in love with themselves, but they are also capable of loving others with the same intensity—especially if they touch their ego.

4 Leo

 Despite their constant desire for infatuation, these ardent fire signs frequently find themselves the object of it.

Cancers are quick to act and feel everything deeply in their souls. You'll be able to tell right away whether they like you since they'll try their hardest to keep you around.

3 Cancer

These water signs are very in tune with their feelings and love to take care of others, yet they have a tendency to bond with others easily.

Libra is influenced by Venus, just like Taurus, and they're always swooning over people they meet.

2 Libra

They may easily fall into their heads and get caught up in a love tale whether it's true or just a fantasy," says one.

Well, Pisces, when they stumble, they stumble quickly and severely. They always fantasise about their happy ending since they are hopeless romantics. 

1 Pisces

The most love-sick sign in the zodiac, they will go to any lengths to find love and, on occasion, even go too far.

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