The Most Outdoorsy Zodiac Sign

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Aquarians are keen thinkers and problem-solvers. They love coming up with new ideas and experiencing life. They appreciate nature and find calm outside.

6 Aquarius

They're passionate and want to be first.They live life to the fullest, thus they're not scared to get dirty or sweat in nature.

5 Aries

If comfortable, Cancer enjoys the outdoors. They won't bungee jump, but a beach day will do.Cancers plan family beach or lake vacations. 

4 Cancer

Earth sign Virgo is deeply connected to the world. Virgos are planners, so they'll make sure everyone has what they need for an outdoor journey. 

3 Virgo

Taurus, an earth sign, loves being outside. They love gardening and being outside.

2 Taurus

Staying indoors prevents Sagittarius from widening their horizons. The most outdoorsy zodiac sign, "they have a natural wanderlust and a thirst for adventure

1 Sagittarius

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