The Most Positive Zodiac Sign

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"They have a way of making everyone feel special and appreciated," says Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare. "They can lighten the mood with a well-timed joke or humorous remark."

6 Libra

Marita Andreeva, Futurio app's resident astrologer, says, "Uranus, the water bearer's ruler, is responsible for heightened intelligence and out-of-the-box answers."

5 Aquarius

"For an Aquarius, a disaster is an opportunity to venture off the beaten route instead than wailing about how unjust their life is."

Gemini is considered the social butterfly of the zodiac, and as Kirsten explains, their ability to adapt to any situation is one of their most positive traits.

4 Gemini

Traveling the world makes this symbol adaptable. "Sagittarius can handle even the greatest problems with elegance and grace," adds Kirsten. "In fact, they secretly thrive on it."

3 Sagittarius

You may be wondering how the sign known for its terrible temper got it so high on our list. But, as Andreeva says, they quickly bounce back and smile.

2 Aries

Consequently, the sun-ruled sign is the most favorable. "The Sun represents vitality, warmth, and life-giving energy,

1 Leo

 and this influence is reflected in Leo's bold and charismatic attitude," explains Clare. "They're a bright spot."

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