The most potent aspect of each zodiac sign is this.


You are strong, powerful, and unstoppable. Keep that spark burning even when things aren't going well.


You are talented, precious and admired. Do not question your work ethic, you are resilient when it comes to what you want and when you’re not passionate.


Intelligent, kind, and friendly. Your mind has a talent. Pens and words can change things. You decide if the changes are good or bad.


You love and trust. Cancer, your passion is strength. Helping others strengthens you. You ground a world of selfishness and folly.


You are a humanitarian, you are venerated and treasured. The weaknesses might appear when you do not feel the love that others give to you.


Philosopher, idealist, and champion—you are. Due to your self-confidence, you rarely hide behind others.


You're thorough and determined. Self-destruction is possible. Remember that you can reach the top with determination and that you were here on Earth to succeed.


Misunderstood but dependable, you struggle. Escapist Pisces craves self-confidence. Their internal struggle is invisible to others. Pisces may be weak.


You're mysterious, revolutionary, and unbreakable. Aquarius represents constant social change. Aquarius fights good fights mentally and physically. 


Trendsetter, focused, and grounded. Knowing human nature's worst sides might make you your worst adversary. You perceive failures where others see victories.


Diplomats are esteemed. Another Cardinal power misinterpreted. Libra is ruled by the gentleness Aries struggles to show. Controlled, calm, and composed.

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