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The Most Spiritual 

It makes sense that Libras are in touch with their spiritual side because they are all about seeking serenity and embracing what is right. 

6 Libra

They are excellent communicators and look for deep relationships in all facets of their lives as an air sign.

Cancers are intense feelers and thoughtful thinkers who are open to all forms of spirituality. They are the mother or divine feminine archetype.

5 Cancer

according to astrologer and creator of Energetic Aesthetics Mikaela MacLean, and they wish to guide others to meaningful experiences.

Although Taurus enjoys the better things in life, they are as satisfied to simply watch the sunrise or pause and smell the roses.

4 Taurus

 they are a symbol of the pagan faith, which seeks out spiritual encounters in nature.

Scorpio is a transformative sign, and they are fully aware that a bigger power is at work.

3 Scorpio

Scorpios are extremely spiritual people who are drawn to astrology, tarot, and frequently the darker aspects of spirituality.

Sagittarius is an adventurous and outrageous sign with a strong philosophical side. These fire signs seek to comprehend and investigate concepts pertaining to religion, faith

2 Sagittarius

They're constantly willing to attempt something new, so intellectual and philosophical adventures are totally fair game.

It should not be surprising that Pisces is the most spiritual zodiac sign since it is ruled by Neptune, the planet linked to spirituality.

1 Pisces

This water sign is innovative, creative, and highly sensitive. They have enhanced empathetic skills that put them in total touch with their surroundings.

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