The Most Tense Zodiac Sign

1 Gemini

Geminis enjoy to converse and are always moving between groups, yet they may be acting more frequently than you believe. Because they are so good at concealing their tension,

you won't often even notice it. They are the most nervous sign in the zodiac because of all the acting; maintaining their identities all the time might tyre them out.

2 Virgo

Virgos are always striving for excellence and like serving others. Despite the fact that they could obviously need a break, don't count on them to stop or slow down.

 Virgo has been compared like a coil spring. These earth signs are also easily stressed out, which makes them even more uptight as they spiral into their own self-doubt.

3 Scorpios

It goes without saying that Scorpios have a lot on their plates. They are a water sign, like like Pisces and Cancer, thus they experience life more deeply than most people do.

4 Aries

At times, you might almost be able to feel the stress emanating from Aries. They are strong-willed leaders who constantly strive to be the greatest at everything, 

which can be difficult to deal with. They must have constructive outlets, such as exercise, to let off any stored energy, otherwise they'll probably wreck some property.

5 Cancer

Cancer's emotions are strong and constantly changing because the moon rules this sign. They have a keen sense of all things, particularly energy. 

They are kind and want to help others feel better, but occasionally they take on too much.

6 Pisces

Although Pisces can't control their emotions, they frequently suppress them until they're on the verge of bursting. 

They are quieter and more introverted than other people, but they nevertheless desire to ease the difficulties of those around them.

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