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'The Office' Characters Of 

Andy is unquestionably an Aries. The Nard Dog enjoys being in charge and uses his assurance and enthusiasm to his advantage.


Because of Angela's extreme stubbornness, she is unquestionably a Taurus. Also, she is quite dependable.


Jan definitely embodies the phrase "wishy-washy Gemini"! She has mood swings from wanting to be with Michael and declaring her love for him in the same breath.


Pamela is a Cancer. She excels at looking out for other people and putting their needs ahead of her own.


Who like being the focus of attention? Whether or not she is participating, she enjoys drama.


Oscar has the mindset that he is smarter than everyone else. He is also a realistic perfectionist.


Stanley is the only character that values living a relaxed and peaceful life. His sole purpose for working at Dunder Mifflin is to earn enough money for his retirement.


Absolutely, Ryan is a Scorpio. He is crafty and always thinks about his next move.


Meredith enjoys going out. She want to meet new people, experience new things, and have fun. She enjoys spontaneity and considers life to be an adventure.


Dwight is a Capricorn, meaning he is diligent, intelligent, and hardworking. Whether he could be working in sales or on Schrute Farms


Jim is unquestionably an Aquarius. He is extremely creative, original, and brilliant, constantly coming up with new ways to annoy Dwight.


Michael likes to appease others. He enjoys being among people, wants to lend a hand, and wants to be everyone's buddy.


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