The Perfect Age To Get Married

Math and science have developed the "37 percent" criterion to determine the ideal marriage age. The ideal age to enter the aisle is 26, according to this algorithm.

You now have it. You are no longer need to dither around pondering if the time is now or never. Evidently, getting married at age 26 is great.

They make the case that it would be logical to select a qualified candidate after reviewing 37 percent of the candidates by using the example of interviewing job applicants.

The study's authors claim that at this point, the reviewers of the applications have just enough knowledge to make an informed decision without being overwhelmed by uncertainty.

This pair goes one step farther and claims that this guideline also applies to choosing a mate. People normally look for love between the ages of 18 to 40, and the 37 percentile is, you guess it, 26.

But many experts appear to concur that getting married in your late 20s is the ideal time. 

According to psychologist Wyatt Fisher, the reason this period of your life is so ideal for starting a family is because you have already finished school and begun working.

According to clinical social worker Kelsey Torgerson, it's imperative to at the very least postpone looking for a life partner until age 25, when the human brain is fully developed.

I think it's best to wait until this marker, she says. If you have a high school sweetheart, you should examine how you two handle college, long distance, studying abroad,

It's also crucial to face stressors with your spouse that you overcome. You want to be sure that you have the conflict-resolution techniques in place for a long-lasting, happy marriage.

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