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The Poem Every Zodiac 

Recognize the extent of your influence.
and put it to good use, bestow kindness on it, and imbue it with love.


Your heart contains the love you want. How long until you demand your rights? How long till you demand the best? How long until you genuinely live? Can you start?


You'll end up in places that neither you nor anyone else expected. Be confident that you belong there when you arrive, which you will do.


Heartbreak is brave. It's risking pain to find happiness. It's loving despite the possibility of a horrible fall. Loving big in a small-loving planet. Bravery.


How can one achieve clarity?
By asking the questions that you are afraid to ask yourself, followed by having the class listen to your responses.


The ultimate test is to sit back when you want to move forward.
To stay quiet the every inch of you wants to reach out. 
To trust in the process instead of trying to figure out the future. 


Balance is life's only goal. Fearless, yet slow down and appreciate the moment. Be satisfied, but keep developing. Be kind, but don't tolerate mistreatment. Be independent but ask for help.


You should not break someone because they broke your heart.Avoid being hurtful.Don't let life harden you.


Age changes some things.
Your ambition outgrows your house.
Loved ones now want other things.
You don't have to shrink to fit in outmoded areas.
Life should be lived in many places.


I hope you take some time to tell yourself that you are where you need to be and that you will eventually get at your desired location.


You were right to turn around and leave. And if it aches, that's okay. You're free to be sad. But keep in mind to be proud of yourself for knowing when to let go and for valuing your worth.


Being brave enough to tell someone you love them when you do, especially when you know they don't love you back, is something I think takes an ethereal type of power.


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