The Same Numbers Win Lottery Again!

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Multiple lottery winners have a lot of amazing tales. After winning $100,000, a lady won $300,000. Another scratch-off lottery player won $50,000 three times in three years.

Those tales are incomprehensible. Multiple lottery wins should be unlikely due to the chances of winning large.

A Maryland man won his third $50,000 lottery jackpot in 11 months. Even worse, he used the identical numbers: 4-8-5-4-8.

he told Maryland Lottery authorities. “My wife said, ‘Let’s play this number’ and we keep winning.” This week, the 52-year-old claimed his April 13 noon drawing reward. 

In the May 18, 2022 noon drawing, he won $100,000 on two tickets with a $1 straight wager on 48548.

The happy lottery player informed Maryland Lottery authorities that he thinks most winners stop playing once their number is selected and never win again.


I play the lottery often. Never know. "You can't win if you're not in," he said. Cedric Bass of Kannapolis, North Carolina, doesn't need to hear that.

Bass won $1 million on a $10 VIP Platinum ticket after winning $182,073 in January.

In Massachusetts, Tricia Johnson and her son won $100,000 each in three weeks playing the same numbers.

After those victories, she added, “I can probably stop playing them now,” “because I’m sure it won’t happen again.”

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