The Unfriendliest Zodiac Sign

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6 Aquarius

These air signs can come out as impersonal and like their alone time. They also dislike making new friends.

5 Aries

Aries like being independent because they are the bold lions of the zodiac. Although they are enthusiastic and have boisterous personalities, they are not necessarily hospitable or friendly.

4 Pisces

Pisces tend to live in their own little bubble, so making connections with others can be challenging for them.

They are also very sensitive, so they are afraid of being wounded if they put themselves out there.

3 Virgo

Virgos are solution-seekers who pride themselves on being of service.

But, their attention to detail and drive to be correct all the time could indicate that their readiness to lend a hand is motivated by self-interest rather than goodwill.

2 Capricorn

You can expect that a Capricorn will rapidly become frosty if you get in the way of them while they are trying to accomplish something. If you assist them in moving forward, 

they may thank you and show you some kindness, but once they are prepared to move on to their next project, they won't have any trouble putting you on the back burner.

1 Scorpio

Scorpios are the least amiable sign since they are covert and cunning. They keep to themselves and won't open up to you about their lives unless they are confident in your abilities.

Pluto, the planet of destruction, rules them, and just by looking at them or reading their body language, they can wreak havoc.

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