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The Worst Coffee Mistakes 

"This is because sugar-laden coffee can increase weight gain and glucose even more by being consumed first thing in the day."

1. Refined Sugar

How bad? "Morning coffee that is filled with sugar and sweetened creamers will set the tone for cravings and food preferences for the rest of the day," she says.

"In the morning, glucose rises and insulin responds, causing a crash. This loop causes overeating, especially refined foods and sugar, irritation, and exhaustion."

Hunnes also warns against adding processed syrup to black coffee. "When you go to your favorite coffee shop, many of the syrups they are adding contain a lot of sugar

2. Sweetened Syrups

and that can add many extra calories," she says. Hunnes notes that coffee drinks may have more calories than you anticipate. 

Finally, avoid delectable creamers. Creamers can harm your health and weight loss goals, despite our best efforts. 

3. Sweetened Creamers

"While common, adding creamer is also a way calorie, sugar, and fat sneak into our diet and it adds up quickly,"

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