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The Zodiac Sign Most

You might think it strange that Capricorn, a logical and practical sign, is on this list.

6. Capricorn

Nonetheless, it is because of these characteristics that they are able to compartmentalize their lives and avoid the negative emotional effects of lying.

Just though Pisces is the sign of the zodiac that is sensitive and amorous doesn't imply they will always be single.

5. Pisces

Indeed, their obsession with love is what gets them into problems.

Leos are renowned for their unceasing need for attention, if there is one thing they are known for.

4. Leo

They want everyone's attention, whether it is by dominating the conversation at dinner or the dance floor at a wedding.

Venus, the planet of love, rules Libra. And similar to Pisces, this causes them to be overly enthusiastic about the prospect of dating.

3. Libra

Obsessed with harmony, balance, and beauty, Libras enjoy being surrounded by attractive people.

The twins are the zodiac's social butterfly and are notorious for being indecisive, which makes them a disaster when it comes to cheating.

2. Gemini

This air sign is prone to being highly unreliable, especially when it comes to major commitments or future plans for relationships.

The fire sign Aries is in first place. As the sign's leader, they are fiercely independent, which makes them, like Gemini, resistant to being restrained.

1. Aries

When it comes to deeper, more important bonds, they're ready to run away and re-enter the game, but they like the early phases of getting to know someone.

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