The Zodiac Sign Most Stuck in Their Ways

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6 Cancer

Cancer, is renowned for being highly sensitive and empathetic. Cancer will be completely on your side if you're seeking for a relationship that is either a ride or die situation.

They fight fiercely for the people they love and will intensify their efforts if someone they care about is in danger.

5 Scorpio

In addition to being the second water sign and being a fixed sign, which makes them quite dogmatic in their ideas, Scorpios are also very strong and deeply feeling. 

They consistently believe themselves to be correct, and they excel at maintaining their position.

4 Virgo

Virgos are known for their perfectionism, obsessive tendencies, and penchant for scrutinising everyone and everything. 

These folks want things done perfectly, and they want them done correctly the first time (which is typically their way, if you ask them).

3 Aquarius

Because of their eccentric character and forward-thinking outlook, Aquarians are constantly coming up with fresh suggestions for how to improve.

Although they have new ideas, they are adamant on doing things their way.

2 Capricorn

Never even consider interfering with a Capricorn's work. As its ruler, Saturn, is connected to obligations, regulations,

and tasks, it makes sense that this sign prefers to stick with what they are familiar with. They may be rigid, regimented, uneasy with change, and closed to it.

1 Taurus

Everyone is aware that Taurus is the sign of the zodiac that is the most stubborn, and they also have a reputation for flourishing on routine and consistency.

They won't be moving anything anytime soon because they are a fixed sign and they must keep control over their surroundings.

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