The Zodiac Signs Artistic Ranking

Leo the Lion ranks low on creative rankings since he's quickly bored or doesn't have time for art.

Creative Leo

Pisces is one of the most perceptive signs and frequently uses their creativity and intuition to generate art that makes others think and feel.

Dreamy Pisces

Famous Scorpio painters include Picasso, O'Keeffe, and others. Scorpio, like Leo, expresses themselves via art. 

Creative Scorpio

They share their innovative thoughts and encourage others. They're inventive problem-solvers. 

Amazing Aquarius

Cancers would prefer paint to express themselves than sell or display their work, unless it helps others cope with their emotions.

Therapeutic Cancer

Sagittarius is a creative spirit, but they dabble in everything, so we placed them lower on the list. 

Curious Sagittarius


They're lower on the list because gossip and supporting friends might be more important than creating art. 

Passionate Virgo

Libras are creative, yet they like to observe art. They'll get messy, but their creativity comes from sharing others' works.

Culture Librarian

Aries likes to create yet sees art as labor. Aries loves to experiment, therefore architects and travelling musicians aren't surprising. 

Entrepreneurial Aries

One Gemini personality is creative, whereas the other can't concentrate on a task. They want creativity but struggle to maintain it. 

Flying Gemini

While stubborn Taurus may sing along to music they adore, they may not be on pitch. 

Dabbling Taurus

Look into a creative Capricorn's birth chart to determine which signs are inspiring them to dabble with color and design.

Focused Capricorn

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