The Zodiac Signs' Fashion Rankings

Leos lead, not follow. This sun sign's clothing are constantly on fire with the newest trends and designs, making them the most stylish. 

Leos Rule Fashion!

Libras' style is equal parts easygoing and glamorous, like their zodiac sign's scale.

Libras Are Natural Fashion Icons

They love to invest in themselves, which shows in their immaculate fashion choice and desire to buy high-quality products.

Taurus Loves Purchasing High-End Brands

Aquarius can pull off wild neons, demure pastels, and anything in between. Their distinctive style places them fourth in fashion.

Aquarius Buys Fashion Statements


Capricorns like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama are the epitome of fashion grace and elegance. 

Capricorns Always Look Set up

Fire sign Aries is expected. This zodiac sign is bold in fashion. This is commendable, but shoulder pads should be left in the closet.

Aries Wears Bold Outfits.

Pisces' inner child loves their fashion choices. Nonetheless, they may wear vivid colors and designs. 

Pisces Dress Like Children.

They enjoy neutrals and fitted items, yet their ensembles frequently seem monotonous. 

Virgos Fear Fashion Risks


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. Sagittarius fashion requires breaking the rules. 

Sagittarians have flashy closets.

Cancers love home. They prioritize comfort and coziness. These melancholy crabs generally wear sweats or pajamas.

Cancers Don't Prioritize Fashion.

Mercury-ruled Geminis' style reflects their double nature. Eccentricity and functionality alternate.

Geminis Wear Mismatched Clothes

You should realize this sign is extremely independent. This involves doing what they want when they want. 

Scorpios Wear Anything They Like.

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