Are Total Night Owls

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These 3 Zodiac Signs 

Geminis stay on their phones until dawn because they need to be in touch with their loved ones. “With their busy minds and digital affinities, [Geminis] wander down rabbit holes 


and can get caught up online into the late hours,” adds Gerdes. "They adore exchanging ideas and can stay chatting with loved ones, friends, or roommates and lose sight of time."

Sagittarians are adventurous no matter the time. Gerdes says the fire sign is "particularly prone to FOMO,"


so don't be surprised if your Sag friend posts a 3 a.m. beach road trip on IG Stories. Sagittarius is one of the signs most prone to have trouble sleeping.

Even though Pisces are dreamers, they like to stay up late. As go-with-the-flow people, Pisces' "dreamy, often disconnected disposition doesn't bode well for the constraints of a sleep regimen


If people feel like working, creating, or simply staying awake late, they're prone to abandon a sleep regime

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