These 3 Zodiac Signs Have The Highest Screen Time

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social media helps Cancers "observe the world from a secure space." Samay thinks people would utilize social media to learn about "global culinary trends and iconic meals,"


“The more Cancer can engage with others in their regular life, the less likely they are to become unduly dependant on their phones as a source of emotional support,”

Libras must stay abreast of political and social developments as well as “the latest gossip/rumors and fashion trends” as trendsetters. 


 Libras keep connected on social media 24/7 to stay informed, so if you see one on their phone, they're probably not being disrespectful.

Libras often compare themselves to others and stress about achieving cultural norms and standards.

Aquarians are “known for its passion of accumulating knowledge, information, and continually studying new age breakthroughs in technology.”


Aquarians spend a lot of time scrolling because their phones keep them informed and connected.

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