These 6 Zodiacs Will Always Keep Your Secrets

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Scorpios value privacy. They're secretive due to their reclusiveness. Scorpios value vulnerability and trust, therefore they won't tell your secret.


Capricorns are brutally honest and keep their promises. They won't reveal your secret regardless of their interest. They won't lie about preserving secrets.


Tauruses start relationships by getting to know each other. They make people feel safe and comfortable, thus they often disclose secrets. Tauruses like their close-knit community. 


Cancers will do anything to please their loved ones. They want their partners and friends to feel safe and honest with them. They will die with a secret.


Leos die for their loved ones. Despite their eagerness and sociability, they take delight in guarding their loved ones. They'll keep a secret and make sure no one else does.


Virgos are trusted for their wisdom. Virgos, like Scorpios, value privacy and would never betray a confidant. However, they will want to assist. They'll participate without telling anyone.


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