These Are The 3 Most Bitter Zodiac Signs

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Scorpios are emotionally hysterical. Every slight hurts them because they feel everything so profoundly. 

1. Scorpio

They become wound collectors who never forgive because they hold grudges and think forgiveness is for fools and weaklings. Bearing that pain is exhausting.

Because they believe life is unjust, they share their bitterness with everyone. Poor scorpion-stung victims!

Even a slight failure disappoints Capricorns, who are driven to succeed. Control freaks, they are motivated intensely. 

2. Capricorn

No one can control everything, thus Capricorns grow frustrated faster than any other sign. They won't sleep if they have 99 wins and one loss in a day.

Capricorns feel that the smallest loss weighs heavier than the finest victory. One-way to Bitter City.

Communication planet Mercury rules the Twins. Their ability to articulate thoughts and sentiments is unrivaled. Unfortunately, they are surrounded by less skilled feedback givers.

3. Gemini

Geminis often feel misunderstood, like they're speaking a different language or that they're invisible on an other world. 

Geminis are bitter because they feel like no one understands what they mean or what drives them, no matter how effectively they articulate themselves.

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