This Barbie Fits Your Zodiac Sign.

This Barbie is excellent for Aries since winning a Pulitzer Prize is ambitious. This award-winning doll is competitive and career-driven like you.

Aries: Pulitzer-Winning Barbie.

Taurus, you appreciate beauty. The original Barbie, Margot Robbie, is known for her beauty, as are you. 

Taurus: Old Barbie.

The ones you scribbled on (“What, they needed a makeover”), cut their hair (“You mean... it doesn’t grow back?”), and did splits simply because you could?

Gemini: Marker Face Barbie!

Cancer, you are the zodiac mother for a reason. You're tender like Midge. As your buddy group's mom, you make everyone feel welcome. 

Cancer: You’re Midge

Ken, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, is a star in Barbie. He's popular in Barbie Land, has great hair, and always dresses well.

Leo: You’re Ken

Virgo, communicate. Great narrators communicate knowledge. They're perfectionists because telling a tale is easy

Virgo: You're Narrator.


Like Supreme Court Justice Barbie, the Scales sign values fairness. You don't like conflict, but you strive to understand others' perspectives before judging.

Libra: You're Justice Barbie.

A "celebrated" writer remembers and follows everyone. Research isn't everyone's favorite, but the results are worth it.

Scorpio: You’re Author Barbie

This Barbie is eager to rule the world, like you, the free-spirited zodiac sign. You and Diplomat Barbie are confident and have strong ideas no matter what you wear.

Sagittarius: You’re Diplomat Barbie

Capricorn, White House awaits. Fair, goal-oriented, and natural leaders, the Sea-Goat makes a great president. President Barbie?

Capricorn: President Barbie!

Aquarius, your humanity is unmatched. You care about societal concerns and want global knowledge.

Aquarius: Nobel Prize-Winning Barbie

The mermaid doll fits the fish symbol. Pisces, you're all about swimming. You have a Mermaid Barbie vibe and are flexible. Swim on.

Pisces: You’re Mermaid Barbie.

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