Zodiac Finds Closure

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Aries get closure when they understand that what happened has happened and they must live with it. Acceptance is often tough.


Whether they're recovering from a breakup, reflecting about old friendships, or examining terrible family interactions, distancing themselves from who they were is unpleasant.


Geminis value communication in all relationships. So, a talk is often needed for closure. Asking inquiries and being honest is the only way Gemini can accept a relationship's demise and move on.


Cancers must understand their pain to heal. Cancers must give themselves grace and examine their reactions, not just the surface-level issues that lead to their desiring closure. 


Time is what Leos need most. Weeks, months, and years away from their pain. Leos need to be far enough away from a traumatic experience that they can barely recall how it hurt to find closure.


Virgo seeks closure with logic, their closest friend. Virgos need to know what happened, why, where, and how they may have averted it with more information. 


Libras avoid reflection. They don't want to upset the status quo because their lives are full of love and real enthusiasm for the world. Real healing requires acknowledging pain.


Scorpios avoid sharing. They typically know why they're stuck, but they also become stuck in their heads. Without outside feedback, people can spiral into hazardous thoughts and hurt self. 


Sagittariuses often hold on too long, hoping things will go back to normal and they won't have to heal. Sadly, this rarely happens.


Capricorns have feelings despite their desire to show them. When alone, they reveal rich interior landscapes. Capricorns hurt themselves by saving their feelings for certain times and places.


When they do, the results are often disastrous, prompting overthinking, reaching out to old friends, and wild schemes to restore order. Keep them busy until closure happens naturally.


Because they can't set boundaries, Pisces can't set others'. Because of this, closure rarely registers. In the short term, this is great, but in the long run, Pisces will get worried and twitchy


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