This Is How You Show Up For Your Friends, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


When it comes to the comments, you're the bad guy. The snap judgement on a heated email exchange. An example of a passive-aggressive retort posted to Instagram.

I don't see how you can argue for hours on end if you just naturally refuse to back down. Despite the fact that you would never give in to a friend's pressure.



 You’re seen as a source of wisdom, approachable on any topic, and known to herd a group of aimless flakes towards a unified goal. 


Leo, you match, recruit, coach, and throw parties. Your social circle is welcoming and broad. You support your buddies by welcoming everyone.


Virgo, you're a friend's oracle. Your opinion is feared and sought. . No one could explain it better. They also know you're self-aware.


Libra, you understand small conversation. You know that "okay" may indicate hundreds of things depending on how it's said when you ask someone how they're doing.


Before they know how they feel, the one they want to chat to about everything. Yet whether your pals are sad, seek retribution, or feel liberated, you are there to act.


Sagittarius, you have a name for everyone. Your pals enjoy your capacity to notice their quirks, even though it's seldom flattering.


Capricorn, you're the friend people worry about because you could make a fortune on a tell-all if they become famous.


The individuals around you feel deeply seen by you, Aquarius. Furthermore, your close circle of friends is well aware of your availability .


It's not you, Pisces, because you're the type to go through an entire box of tissues in one sitting. That your allegiance goes beyond passive listening is quite impressive.

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