This Is The Body Part Most Connected To Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries are fiery and independent. Your animal, the Ram, battles using its head. You're impetuous and bold, acting before thinking.

Head and Eyes.

When you're down, you slump. You hold stress in your neck and shoulders. Stretch, massage, or take a hot Epsom salt bath when they pain. 

Neck, shoulders.

Geminis, "the twins," rule the lungs, arms, and hands. As you adore talking, you rule the lungs and hands (sign language). 

Lungs, hands, arms, and nerves.

Cancers appreciate helping others. You hug and wish to keep your family near. The stomach stores food and the breast feeds babies!

Stomach, breasts, chest.

Naturally, Leo the Lion rules the heart and spine. Lover, you slouch when heartbroken. 

Heart, Spine, Upper Back.

Stomachaches occur when Virgo, the most worried sign, is agitated. Stomachaches make you feel out of control, which you despise.

Digestive System and Intestines.

Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Libra, and you rule skin (the part of the body associated with beauty and attraction).

Skin, kidneys, lower back, and butt.

Scorpios are sensuous, protective, and giving. You rule the reproductive system, genitals, and hips—everything related to having intercourse and bearing a baby.

Genitals and Hips.

Sagittarius, as a free spirit, you control over the legs and thighs, which help you move.

Liver, thighs, legs.

Capricorns are realistic and appreciate a solid foundation. Your worst trait is rigidity (which makes sense, considering you rule the skeletal system).

Teeth, bones, and joints.

Aquarians like to violate the norms and do good for everyone. Running against shins, ankles, and calves makes you out of breath (circulatory system).

Shins, Ankles, Calves, and Circulation.

The foot is strongly connected to other parts of the body, which makes sense since empathic Pisces is the only sign that possesses a part of everyone else.

Feet and Lymphatic System.

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