Titans contacted Packers about Aaron Rodgers deal.

Aaron Rodgers trade talks have stalled for weeks. He signed with the New York Jets a month ago, but the Green Bay Packers have yet to agree to a contract. 

Trade discussions may resume 10 days before the 2023 NFL Draft. It seems to be a one-horse competition, but rumors suggest more teams may enter.

The 49ers came first. They were referenced in Aaron Rodgers trade speculations a couple years back. They recently prepared to pursue him if discussions with the Jets failed.

A veteran NFL official told NFL Analysis Network that the Titans had contacted the Packers about Aaron Rodgers. The Titans are a club to watch if the Jets deal falls through, the executive says.

The Titans have reached out to Aaron Rodgers, but the Jets are still the probable conclusion. Tennessee might get him if New York fails.”


Aaron Rodgers might surprise the Titans. They seem to be rebuilding, not competing in 2023. 

Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill were traded rumors earlier in the summer after other veterans were released.

Henry would certainly lead Tennessee's offense if they pursued Aaron Rodgers. Beyond him, the Titans' offense, particularly the passing game, is unimpressive.

Aaron Rodgers agreeing a Titans trade and showing up seems unlikely. They may have worse receivers than the Packers.

With so many gaps on the roster, Tennessee should continue trading veterans for draft capital to rebuild.

At this point, the Jets should sign the future Hall of Famer. New York wants additional draft capital safeguards after Aaron Rodgers said how close he was to retirement.

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