Today's Horoscope For Sunday, April 16, 2023

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Aries—disprove them. Your worst critic improves you, which is surprising.Today, focus on their criticisms. Your shortcomings could be your greatest strength.


Solid friendships. Choose supporters who care about you.Today's Moon conjunct Saturn suggests choosing reliable people.


Gemini, hustle. Being the best at something amazing happens.Your efforts are confident. You become known for your leadership and project pride.


Beliefs last forever. Even after leaving your upbringing, your beliefs return. When the Moon meets Saturn, your values comfort you.


Leo, trust people. If you don't delegate and trust good people, it's hard to establish a business or a life you love.It's normal to worry about losing control over a work area


Virgo, some relationships end. Today, you'll decide if this person is your forever.You judge someone's trustworthiness.


You have the stamina to do the right thing when needed. Today is not going to be an easy day because there's so much work today.


You seek romance and commitment. Today, meaningless flings will disappoint. You don't want to waste your time on someone who won't love you for who you are.


Stand up for yourself, Sagittarius. You have to stand your ground sometimes, especially when someone older than you want you to do things a certain way.


Capricorn—be honest. Today you dislike lying. Fly under the radar to avoid a topic.Truth makes you free, so today, whether or not you're questioned


Aquarius, double-check your finances. Start a self-accountability system today.Use the envelope system or hire a financial manager to get out of debt. 


Trust yourself. Today, Saturn is in your sign. It's fun to manage several tasks.When you learn, your organizational skills may surprise you. Learn and share.


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