Tom Brady discusses his charming post-retirement sports goals

As one of the finest players in the history of the New England Patriots franchise and one of the greatest athletes to ever walk foot on a football field,

Brady's 23-year career saw the typical American man watch him advance countless hours, so it's only right that Brady now spends some of his time watching football himself. 

whether it be flag football or not. also pickleball. or whatever game the youngsters are now playing.

Brady has been leading a rather wholesome life, in between buying food for his daughter's new kitty and dispelling ridiculous rumours of his Football comeback.

Tom Brady spends his free time watching his children participate in sports.

Ready the "Awws"? Brady appears to have given up his status as one of the most revered household names in favour of watching his kids play in recreational sports 

Brady has three kids—two boys and a girl—all of them are now old enough to participate in organised sports. Though he made no mention of the specific sport his kids intended to play,

he nonetheless exuded plenty of "corny soccer dad" energy; just think of Will Ferrell from Kicking and Screaming.

Brady certainly appears content. Brady previously promised reporters that he would use this post-retirement period to "catch up on other elements of my life that need some time and energy

After almost reaching the pinnacle of football, he now faces a very different challenge:

watching a 10-year-old play soccer on the weekend while passing oranges around at halftime. Brady has it in him, who knew?

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