Tonight's Zodiac-Specific Self-Care Ritual

Aries: Stop Email Blasts

I thought this was lame. Yet, relentless unsubscribing has improved my mental health. You may believe it only takes a few seconds to erase the daily deluge of emails.

Taurus: Buy Yourself a Plant

Like an adorable dog, but with smaller stakes! Taking care of plants—watering, fertilizing, cleaning leaves—can be therapeutic.

Gemini: Meditative Stroll

You adore walking, and it heals you. Use this time carefully to maximize self-care. Try zoning out without music or a podcast.

Leo: Airplane Mode

There's a setting to allow emergency calls if someone phones twice in less than five minutes. Yet the idea of this exercise is to focus on what you want/need to achieve.

Virgo: Remove Five Stressors

Your unhemmed pants. The old framed art print you don't like but need a home for. A surfboard you've never used because you dread beach and sharks.

Libra: Create Ambience

You don't want to miss out on life's little pleasures by saving happiness or nice underwear until a special occasion. 


Scorpio: Chop Plenty of Fruit

Magic. I figure things out while chopping fruit and sobbing. I generally feel better after throwing away all the rinds. I also have tons of fruit to eat. Super-bonus!

Sagittarius:Screen-Free Activities

Reading, writing, cleaning, crocheting, gardening, cooking—there are many. Choose your favorite non-screen hobby.

Capricorn: Hydrate

As a Dry Betch, this is essential. BUT! We may all benefit from slathering our nubile bodies with lotions and drinking water. Capricorns work hard and ignore trivialities. 

Aquarius: Non-punishing Workout

Several X-treme sports and routines may make some people despise fitness. Effective exercise shouldn't hurt. 

Pisces: Clean Your Bedroom.

Make your bed and face your nightstand drawer. Take away/move everything unnecessary, then sleep in your secure, tidy lair.


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