Top 10 Happiest Cities in the US

1. Miami, FL 

Miami is the happiest city in America, with 70% of its citizens claiming to be content the most of the time.

2. Atlanta, GA 

Atlanta ranks as our second-happiest city. This city has also appeared on the happiness leaderboard before; it has done so for the last two years in a row.

3. New York, NY 

Despite their unshakable spirit, New Yorkers are incapable of accomplishing many things together, meaningful happiness being only one of them.

4. Washington DC 

Washington, DC, is not a new addition to our list, with 60% of residents claiming to be content.

5. Dallas, TX 

With 8% more citizens reporting they feel happy most of the year, Dallas, Texas, climbed into our top 10 list this year.

6. Houston, TX

Intense external situations could easily and naturally cause happiness levels to drop, but Houston's ranking in the top 10 list suggests otherwise.

7. Oakland, CA 

This year, Oakland is a new addition to the list; 59% of residents there say they are generally pleased, up from 52% the year before.

8. San Francisco, CA 

San Francisco remains among the top 10 for a second year, taking eighth place on the list this year. What brings happiness to this thriving Californian city?

9. Memphis, TN 

We congratulate Memphis, Tennessee, on ranking as the ninth-happiest city in the nation.

10. Detroit, MI 

Detroit completes our list of the ten happiest US cities.

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