Top 10 Most Popular Car In USA

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1. Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado has a lot going for it, but its impressive list of available features and trims mean there's something for everyone. 

2. Ford F-Series

The F-150 is our favorite light-duty pickup, and it's one of the best-selling vehicles of all time.

3. Toyota RAV4

Toyota's tiny, two-row crossover SUV, the Rav4, is the go-to pick for individuals who desire a reliable, efficient utility vehicle.

4. Ram 1500/2500/3500

The Ram 1500's luxurious cabin and attractive design have helped it gain ground on its Ford and Chevy competitors in recent years.

5. Toyota Camry

For good reason, this list has only one car, the Toyota Camry. For individuals who don't want a crossover, it's comfy, quiet, and large.

6. Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is comparable to the Rav4 but more fun to drive. The CR-V remains a top seller after nearly 30 years.

7. GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra isn't the least popular light-duty vehicle, but it's not as popular as Ram, Ford, or Chevy. Yet, its luxurious cabin and high-tech features make it a great pickup

8. Toyota Tacoma

For good reason, the Tacoma is the lone mid-size truck on this list. It distinguishes out in its class due to its reliability, capability, and no-nonsense feature set.

9. Tesla Model Y

Sure, EVs sold well last year. The Model Y is the only electric car on this list because to its long range, reliable fast-charging network, large interior, and powerful acceleration.

10. Toyota Highlander

Safe, efficient, and roomy, the Toyota Highlander The only three-row SUV in the top 10, it's the largest SUV on this list.

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