Top 4 Most Enigmatic Zodiac Signs

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How can you understand a creature with claws, an exoskeleton, and a stinging tail? Scorpios can sting if approached. Scorpios, ruled by Pluto, are notoriously secretive.

1. Scorpio

Cancer, like Scorpio, has a tough fa├žade. Spiritual and intuitive, not pragmatic and analytical.

2. Cancer

Because they feel vulnerable, they are the most emotional signs and the least inclined to express their genuine feelings. They are cautious and possibly skeptical.

Aquarians, who seem psychic and mysterious, are the sign most likely to be mistaken for spies. 

3. Aquarius

They are the least prone to show their emotions. Because they are clever and realistic, they like to keep you wondering.

Libras, symbolized by the Scales, weigh every situation before acting or expressing their views. whether you inquire what's upsetting them, they'll shrug and say "nothing,"

4. Libra

and you won't know whether that's genuine. They rarely criticize or celebrate. They aren't either. They let you guess. 

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