Top US Towns Under 10,000 Residents

Sanibel, FL

Sanibel Island is relaxing, however animal protection is important: J.N. "Ding" Darling is the town's biggest natural sanctuary.


The town's charm: Holly Springs' Mississippi Central Railroad location gives it historic houses, churches, and southern cuisine. Museums and festivals are attractions.

Decorah, Iowa

The town's charm: A decade after the Ho-Chunk settlers were evicted, Decorah welcomed several Norwegian immigrants. 

Whitefish, Mont.

The town's charm: If you've seen Glacier National Park photos, you'll know Whitefish, one of its gateway towns, is worth a visit.

Portland's Hood River

The town's charm: Hood River is a tranquil entryway to Oregon's finest environment. 


Philadelphia's Doylestown

The town's charm: Doylestown, a horse farm village in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, located near Philadelphia.


The town's charm: Sitka, 95 miles southwest of Juneau, is ideal for escaping. Your troubles must take a boat or aircraft, both of which are weather-dependent, to accompany you here.

Georgetown SC

The town's charm: This little hamlet is full with history! Georgetown contains more than 50 National Register sites.

Fairfield, Iowa

Visitors visiting the village to practise Transcendental Meditation discover that most of it was created according to the Maharishi's architectural ideals.

Phoenix's Sedona

With Red Rock State Park's canyons and massive rock formations, this town draws nature enthusiasts from the Arizona desert. 

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