Trans Athlete Injury's Physical, Mental Suffering

A female high school volleyball player who was hurt last year playing against a male opponent testified Tuesday about her emotional and physical suffering.

Payton McNabb, a senior at Hiwassee Dam High School in North Carolina, spoke at a senate committee hearing about her ongoing injuries when a male opponent spiked a ball into her face in September.

“I still have a concussion and neck injury,” she stated. She added she also had decreased eyesight and right-sided paralysis. McNabb suffers anxiety and sadness.

North Carolina legislators enacted the Fairness in Women's Sports Act on Wednesday, banning boys from playing girls' sports. Transgender kids may play co-ed .

“I was unable to play the rest of my last volleyball season, and although I am currently playing softball, the injury prevented me from performing as well as I have in the past,” McNabb said.

Riley Gaines, who tied with Lia Thomas, a biological man, in the NCAA championship women's race, talked with her.


Gaines was attacked and pursued by students during a recent San Francisco State University event. She was rescued by police.

San Francisco State's president issued a statement supporting the transgender community rather than the harassed. “For every biological female behind me. "My little sister, cousins, teammates," McNabb added.

“Biological males competing with biological females is dangerous. I may arrive before you, but I won't be the last.”

A measure to prevent male athletes from playing girl's sports passed the House on Thursday. The measure would base gender on a person's reproductive biology and genetics at birth.

No Democrats supported the measure, which passed with Republican backing.

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