Habits That Destroy Trust in a Relationship

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She’s not available

She cancels on your work party. She constantly last-minute cancels. It's based on actions, not words. Trusted people shouldn't disappear when you need them.

He can’t admit he’s wrong

He cannot accept responsibility for anything. “If he's reluctant or unable to confess when he's wrong, then you're always incorrect

He’s never willing to compromise

You win some, you lose some" is true in good relationships. If someone won't compromise, he cares more about getting his way than being generous.


She’s a drama queen

Sometimes drama lovers prolong disputes because they prefer the adrenaline boost from screaming or ‘being right.' That may be a red flag.”

He gossips about his colleagues.

Trustworthy individuals discuss intellectual and significant things rather than criticising others and compromising your confidences.

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She leaves the room to send a text

She acts shady. She may be travelling to work meetings after hours. If you discover she's been hiding information. “Beware.

His stories don’t add up

Insane timelines. He claims he went to the gym but then recalls visiting the neighbourhood coffee shop or omits information that raises questions.

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