Universal Habits That Are An Automatic Relationship Killer

Repeating Unhealthy Patterns

Negative coping mechanisms like denial or projection can have a significant negative effect on your relationship.

Failing To Hold Yourself Accountable For Your Actions

You need to develop the habit of taking responsibility for your actions if you want a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Inability To See Your Partner's Perspective

Humans prefer to feel respected, understood, and heard. Everyone seeks a mate who can relate to them.

Forming Unhealthy Comparisons

Even though it is human nature to assume that the grass is always greener on the other side when it comes to relationships, this mindset can set you up for failure. 

Failing To Prioritize Your Relationship

A relationship needs time, work, and care to develop just like any other element of life does.

Lack Of Forgiveness

Being ungracious is extremely toxic and damaging in romantic relationships.

Lack Of Open Communication

Healthy relationships are built on effective communication.

Keeping Secrets From Your Partner

A vital component of any successful partnership is trust. With your relationship, you must be able to trust them and feel secure.

Lashing Out At Your Partner

Constantly lashing out is a toxic quality that can be detrimental to your relationship.

Being Distracted From Your Partner

It is not difficult to understand why being sidetracked while working on anything is a terrible habit.

Failing To Appreciate Your Partner Enough

A healthy relationship requires both partners to feel valued and appreciated.

Trying To Change Your Partner

Your partner is a unique person with their own ideas, emotions, and aspirations.

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