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It might be hard to respond to a friend's "playful" remark or joke about you.

Refuting the statement may cause disagreement or discomfort, but ignoring it may encourage more of the same. 

Ho founded Institute Sarita, a social norms finishing school, and stars in Netflix's "Mind Your Manners," where she teaches "students" how to apply etiquette to enhance their lives.

Even when a buddy criticizes you, she knows what to say. 
One inquiry may politely deflect a caustic comment.

"Are you okay?"
"I usually look up and say, 'Are you okay?'" if a buddy said anything unpleasant. 


Even if you don't take the criticism personally, just three words might indicate you didn't like it. 

Ho stresses tone as crucial as substance. "Are you okay?" shouldn't be abrupt. Be kind.

"I'm not being offensive back," she adds. "I'm coming from a place of care and that is usually to put the other person in check." 

"Oftentimes, I feel like when people are being rude the best thing is to just not say anything," she explains. "Let everyone wallow, and let them wallow in their misbehavior." 

Never allow a bad statement affect your mood. "The greatest power is showing that the other person doesn't have power over you," Ho explains.

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