Weekly Love Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

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You can be a little closed off at times, and while you normally have no issue pushing on, you can also become a martyr. This week's meeting of Venus and Mars provides an opportunity for good dialogues to make all the difference in resolving long-standing conflicts.


Your sister sign signifies romantic partnerships when it enters the waters of Scorpio. You end up having the opportunity to be more in tune with your emotions. This can assist to smooth over any previous difficulties and allow you to enjoy each other more deeply.


The  New Moon happened near the end of August 2022, when Mars first entered Gemini. These previous few months have been a tremendous period of healing and growth; it is coming to a close, and you will have to decide whether to leave or stay.


You've reached a point in your relationship where it has to evolve with you, which means you'll need to be open to articulating your new demands and ambitions. Give your spouse a chance; you might be shocked to discover that they desire to grow in the same direction as you.



Saturn is seen as a planet that only generates chaos and delays. But, in Pisces, it softens. It is not about tearing down systems or delivering a harsh dose of reality. Instead, it is about cultivating your spiritually. Looking inward to see what concerns or doubts are still holding you back.


Jupiter and Chiron establish a magnificent union of healing, illuminating all forms of transformation and relationship. While Saturn enters Pisces, energizing your amorous sector, you may encounter some sorts of truth that you will need to go.


The stellium has been activating your amorous sector, causing you to go through a period of intense growth and divine opportunities. Then, just as it starts to fade, Jupiter and Chiron, both remaining in Aries.


This is the shape of your relationship; it dictates how and where you will grow together. With Juno now in Taurus, your zodiac sign of love, it's time to start chatting — and don't be scared to make a new arrangement. Remember that steadiness is not dull; it is good.


This should, in some respects, be prefaced with "ready or not, here it comes." Saturn, the lord of time and karma, enters Pisces this week, stimulating themes related to healing, home, and family. Pisces is the twelfth sign and the sign of absolutes.


The Aries stellium has been difficult for you because it has brought up more disappointments and feelings of lack in your house and family. There have undoubtedly been more arguments or, at the very least, a lack of connection recently, as well as shorter fuses.

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Gemini energy governs the area of your life that is concerned with marriage, commitment, children, joy, and self-expression. With Mars having spent the last six months here, it is an area that has seen some incredible growth and has hopefully brought you a lot of delight.


The Full Moon in Virgo will bring to fruition themes that have been brewing in your life since the New Moon in Virgo at the end of August 2022. Not only did the New Moon occur during this period, but Mars also moved into Gemini, emphasizing your home and family surroundings.

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