What Aesthetic You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Minimalism

This quality is perfectly mirrored in the minimalist style because Aries has the ability to recognise and get rid of extraneous items for a zen-like attitude.

Taurus: Cottage

Taurus never misses an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the earth, which makes them the ideal fit for the cottagecore style.

Gemini: Maximalism

The maximalist aesthetic is appropriate for Gemini because they really do have a lot going on all the time.

Cancer: Coastal Grandmother

Cancer embodies the coastal grandmother aesthetic with ease. Already tied to the ocean, the crab is all about comforting and protecting themselves and their loved ones. 

Leo: Summercore

Leos are energised by the sun, which makes them a passionate and independent sign. For Leo, the summercore style seems to be the only option.

Virgo: Scandi

They are orderly, practical, and of the mutable Earth sign, which makes them the ideal choice for the Nordic style.

Libra: Cluttercore

The cluttercore aesthetic is a perfect fit for Libra since they have a deep-seated desire for diversity and entertainment.

Scorpio: 2014 Tumblrcore

 Scorpios are suitable for 2014 Tumblrcore because they’re complex webs of moodiness and constant analysis, both legendary qualities that the era instilled.

Sagittarius: Adventurecore

As most thrill-seekers look for adaptability and optimism in an adventure partner, this endearing sign stands out from the crowd.

Capricorn: Dark Academia

All things academic are welcomed by the dark academia aesthetic, albeit with a gothic twist. Capricorn has a lot of ambition and works very hard.

Aquarius: Spacecore

Uranus, the planet of creativity and disruption, rules this air sign. These characteristics appropriately place Aquarius in the category of spacecore.

Pisces: Mermaidcore

They are chosen to participate in mermaidcore, an aesthetic that honours all aquatic beauty, by the fanciful forces that encircle Pisces.

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