What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Mercury In Taurus

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This transit may provide happiness from increased affection and self-esteem. Self-love activates Taurus Venusian energy. You are gaining perspective and may feel emboldened


You may feel lucky as your season approaches. Mercury in your sign inspires you to make new objectives and dreams. This positive transit may be a prelude to Jupiter joining your sign next month.


Mercury slows you, so this passage requires focus. Mars is out of your sign, so you may relax and enjoy yourself. You feel more in control and less rushed.


This travel makes reconnecting and making new friends more magical. Mercury helps you make plans and socialize. You're ready to let go of negativity and love yourself and the world again.


Mercury improves teamwork and listening. Mercury makes you a diplomat. After Mercury retrograde, former friends and coworkers may seek your counsel.


This transit makes your sign positive, making you more curious about the world. Mercury inspires exploration. It can be a good time to finish a book or start studying about something important 


Mercury calms us before retrograde. You will discover what inspires you and how to make your life happier. Joy and happiness might help you find yourself during this trip.


Mercury may make your romantic life easy. This makes sharing feelings with a spouse easier. Since you attract clever, secure people when dating, learning more about them is fun.


Mercury here causes anxiety. Saturn grounds you, so you can adapt. Instead of responding, you might think about career-related decisions. To advance, strengthen ties now. 


A Mercury transit helps you find beneficial partnerships. Mars is highlighting these difficulties, thus this is an evaluation moment. You're ready to assess your values 


Mercury in Taurus encourages self-care. Build and create at home. It inspires. You're inspired to make fresh plans. You prioritize balance and self-care for several weeks.


This transit boosts confidence and creativity. Mercury awakens your inventiveness. The planet inspires your art. It's fun.


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