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Cancer is the most prevalent zodiac sign, according to 1994–2014 US Government birth data.

The data shows that Cancer and Virgo are only a decimal apart. Hence, even if Cancers wish to rule the world, they would struggle against the other zodiac armies.

Cancer season, from June 21 to July 22, is the longest. It has one extra day. This enables expectant mothers and hospitals one additional day to deliver babies

which may explain why Cancer is the most prevalent zodiac sign.This arithmetic suggests Aquarius is the rarest zodiac sign. Aquarius season dominates February, the shortest month.

Yet, Capricorn is the rarest sign. Capricorn season lasts 29 days, unlike Aquarius' 31!

This is good news, as the Cancer zodiac sign has a lot of positive traits.

Cancers are home-loving and sentimental. They're tough like their crab symbol. They value tranquility and family time. If you provoke them, they can rally the troops and show you who's boss.

Cancers excel at managing money. Cancer intuition helps them choose the appropriate assets and funds, expanding their wealth immensely.

Cancers may be good character judges. Invest in things you trust. It's not about who's trending.

Cancers cherish their mothers and food. Cancer Sun signs are close to their families, especially their mothers, as they live in the fourth house of home, family, and mother. 

 Foodies too. Cancers prefer comfort cuisine to exquisite dining with a quarter-sized dab of ice cream.Cancers love romance. Cancers appreciate spending time with their partners. 

They can rival Leo in romance. Cancers love attentively. They'll take their time learning your body. Hit their most erogenous region to express them love (the chest).

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