What Kind Of Boyfriend You Are, Based On Your Birth Order

First Born

All of these nurturing and dominant characteristics are present in relationships with first-born sons.

He is the boyfriend who always stands up for his significant other, defends them, does the necessary repairs, and generally makes sure everything is alright.

Somewhere In The Middle

The middle kids are the most competitive to be around among the siblings.

You can very much count on being in a constant state of competition if you date a middle child, including "race ya!"s, "I bet I can do that! "s, and more games you weren't even aware existed.

Boys in particular had to compete for their parents' attention as middle children, and that competitive nature never really goes away.


The stereotypical "fun boyfriend" is the young man in the family. Big ideas and wacky acts that require little to no planning abound in them.

Because no one has ever truly questioned their absurdity or oddities, they constantly assume you'll just agree with them.


It might be challenging to get to know twins. They were raised by someone who innately and indisputably gets them, understands them, and always takes their side.

As a result, they find it difficult to communicate with and come to an understanding with people who are not twins and do not have that relationship.

Only Child

Only kids have seen a peculiar world where they were expected to act like kids but also act like miniature grownups. They resemble miniature tornadoes waiting to happen as a result.

They are extremely clever and well-spoken, but they also want you to know that they know how to have a good time. 

Dating an only kid is similar to dating a person with two distinct personalities. Before to 7 PM, he is incredibly articulate and composed, but by 7:01 PM, he is prepared to go on.

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